Do Not Let The History Repeat Itself

When you forget the past, there is a high chance that the history will get repeated. But, the sad thing about this is, the people will never know this is history repeating itself, since they do not know the past. One of the important reasons that we are losing our history is losing our language. Language was first created to share your thoughts and opinions about something to other human being. Language is a mystery in itself because using language as a medium all our communications is done. If not for language, you will not be able to communicate your abstract thoughts and feelings to another person. Imagine what will you do if you can’t tell your lover that you love them? What will you do if you can’t appreciate someone important in your life? Sounds scary right?

Language – a mutation

Don’t worry, language will not disappear overnight but it will gradually change like a biological mutation or a gene variation in population. It will change gradually that no one will notice it but suddenly when you get see a stone cutting in temple or read a Shakespeare’s original novel book; you will realize how much it had been changed. There will be some words you would have never known or heard of.

Survival of a language

There are languages like Hebrew, Lithuanian, Basque, Sanskrit, etc., which are no longer in regular use but is still alive because ancient writings are in this form. There are some languages like Mandarin, Tamil, Farsi, etc., which are still in use because some of the natives are steadfast in holding on to their language. There are some minute changes in these languages as years pasted but they are not vast variations. When you travel to northern part of China it is totally advised to have a good mandarin translator because the natives cannot comprehend other languages and are so different from the people in China. Sadly, most of the new generation people think forgetting mother tongue is a fashion. English is a universal language but your mother tongue is your uniqueness and your identity.

Why is language important?

When you do not know your native language, you will not be able to understand the preserves or any history your ancestors have left for you. Other way to eradicate a language in a country is the minority speaking and major speaking languages. For example, travelling to Paris, it will be nearly impossible to find someone talking Russian or Tamil. Therefore when a person from some other country migrates to that place, they tend to forget their language.

Think it is time to get our history books and open our brains to the events around the world

Our history is our guide to life. When we have language barriers, it will be hard to understand what happened in the past. For example, when a French kid is taught history of a country in some other language, it won’t be effective since the kid could not comprehend the actual concept. A good example of how forgetting history is bad is Hitler. Hitler was a good man, funny, witty, intelligent and brave, but his intentions for a particular race made him a dictator! He also almost eradicated the race from the face of earth. It can be argued that he was mentally unstable or psychologically affected. But, according to psychologists, there is not an actual measure to indicate whether you are sane or insane. Now, Donald Trump is running for president post in America! He had bashed Muslims and wanted to throw them out of country. If people vote for Donald Trump, it clearly shows we forgot our history. It is obvious to see the similarities between the two of them.

How Road Safety Audits Are Held?


Those who are road safety auditors need to evaluate danger levels in public roads, especially at the cross sections. Intersections and roads need to be audited by the road safety auditors, especially in areas where roads are being built. The findings of the audit reports submitted by the auditors are considered carefully by the road construction companies as well as civic authorities.

How an auditor works?

Just like driving lessons in Randwick are important for those who are learning to drive, road safety auditing needs to be done when roads are being developed. Guidelines are set by particular government bodies and agencies send across auditors to oversee the way the roads are built and whether safety norms and codes are being followed. There are steps defined by the highway administrations which need to be followed when a road safety audit is being conducted.

The audit process

When a road or an intersection is identified as an area that needs to be audited, usually the concerned government body gets in touch with an independent public agency that conducts road safety audits. There are auditing teams that are assigned these projects. The project scope and audit steps are defined before the audit takes place. Auditors need to visit the concerned areas and note their findings. As per this information, an audit report is drawn up based on guidelines issued. This is similar to driving tests that need to be taken after driving lessons.

Activities involved

For road safety audit, the auditor needs to survey the area carefully. Usually intersections are looked at and accident possibilities are identified. Factors that could lead to injuries of pedestrians or crashes between vehicles need to be studied. The perspective of different people on the road as well as vehicles of different kinds needs to be considered. The safety of all need to be considered before the audit findings is filed. Often locals in the area are interviewed. Citizens who are native to the areas or use the roads frequently are questioned and their suggestions and experiences are noted

Report of findings

The data that is gathered in the audit are now summarized in the form of a formal report. The roads or intersections are mentioned and analyzed based on different factors. A formal report is submitted by the auditors on the hazards they find in the area as well as the benefits that the roads provide. As per the report findings with the public or civic authorities can take steps to eliminate or reduce the chances of hazards occurring. This is done by setting up safety signs or warnings as well as traffic signals. In this way the road safety auditions come of use when a road or intersection is being set up for public usage for smooth and safe flow of different kinds of traffic.


Pros And Cons Of Online Courses

Nowadays there has been a rise in vocational courses online. Indeed, the online medium and video technology has helped many institutions offer different courses and programs that can be pursued through the web platform. Many management courses are conducted for working professionals in the long distance mode where online discussions and chat rooms are used along with online course materials in order to help students go through a course and even certify through online evaluation programs. However, with the several choices in courses out there, it is necessary to know how to choose a dependable one which would be worth investing and offer some value in one’s career progression.

Nature of courses

Not all online courses will have equal value. For instance, completing high school studies through online courses might not be feasible in many countries as well, though elementary studies and materials are found online. On the other hand, vocational and career oriented courses can be pursued by individuals who have a certain level of education as per the requirements of a course like rpl engineering assessment.

Decide on choices

There are an overwhelming career oriented courses out there. You need to stay focused on what will add value to your current career goals and what will simply add to your knowledge base but not upgrade your resume. For instance, if you are a business professional you will surely add value by pursuing an online business course, while simply going through an rpl engineering assessment course will help only in specific engineering assessment instances.

Choosing credit worthy courses

There are free courses and there are courses that are offered by recognized universities and colleges for a fee. You need to be sure of the authenticity of the course when you are signing up and wish to conduct it for a fee. When your career choices and enhancement of your career is dependent on a course, you need to be sure that the course will be recognized at our place of employment as well as in regions where you plan to apply. It is necessary to review and ask round before you enroll for an online course.

Understanding the requirements

It might be easy enough to enroll online for a course but if you want to make it worthwhile, you need to attend the course as per schedule as well as log on to attend webinars and so forth. If you are unable to give the time it might be wise to refrain from signing up for a course. Many online courses offer flexibility that allows students from different spheres to complete the courses at their own pace, especially when one is working or studying in other spheres.

Choosing The Best Online Curriculum Vitae Service

If you are looking to attend a job interview, then you must have very good curriculum vitae in hand that speaks about your personal details as well as your educational qualifications. With a very good outline of yourself, you can easily impress the interviewers and half your interview is complete with it. The way it is presented is one of the deciding factors to get a job at the firm. You should instantly gain the attention of the interviewers through your curriculum vitae. It is the account of your life so far and hence you need to present it in a readable and interesting manner.

Choose a curriculum vitae writer

If you are not proficient enough to write your details in a structured form that will impress the interviewers, then it is advisable that you seek the help of resume services. These days classic and old style of writing will not help you in putting your qualities and achievements in paper to win the appreciation of the job interviewer. The best option will be to avail the service of experienced curriculum vitae writers. They can create a detailed info about you and your achievements depending on the job that you are seeking. They have the skills to floor the interviewer with the perfect content in paper.

Online writer

It is the day and age of the internet. Everything is done through internet. Why not look for an online writing service that will help in creating totally different and unique curriculum vitae? It is vital that you find the most appropriate resume services do a fine job. You will have to check the credentials of these services to see if they are legitimate or not. A legitimate company will have a website and all their credentials will be seen on the home page of their website.

Contacting the service provider

Do not go just by the website details. Make sure that you check out the contact number and get in touch with the business to know what they can do for you.

• Most of the online businesses will have a toll free number where you can get in touch with customer support team to know all details about the things they can do for you. 

• They will also offer help services via email and live chat.

• If the service provider responds to your queries through email within a day, then they are a trusted service and can do a good job for you.

Meets deadlines

It is vital that you choose an online curriculum vitae writing service that knows the importance of time and ensures timely delivery of the work assigned. Check out the previous customer reviews to know how quickly the work is done and whether they do the assigned work on time.

Need A Positive And New Change



Are you feeling stuck or in a rut? If you are feeling stuck, having decisions to make it, can be either to change careers, leave a crappy relationship, to get married, make a geographical change, travel to places or even go after your ultimate dream or anything in your life. If you are confused with the voices in your head and other telling you what’s right or wrong and you can’t make up your mind. Well, now there are ways that can guarantee you an answer or outcome for your life. These ways will help you identify and change the areas of your life that you felt unsatisfactory or unfulfilling. These answers will be provided by professionals who are highly skilled and have years of experience. For a long time, coaching has been around. But generally the word coaching is mostly seen in areas of sports or business. For example: an athlete will employ an athletic coach to improve his speed and game whereas in a business, consultant may be hired to review the business operations.  These consultant and coaches in general are experts in their field of work.

But a life coach in Brisbane only provides their clients with guidance and the drive they need to improve their lives, careers and relationships. That is, they will help the person in their personal fulfilment, life changes, or in career development and direction. They help people identify and achieve their life goals or refocus their personal goals, move past challenges that are in the way of achieving their goals, recognize their dreams and skills. This type of coaching is very effective in many different situations. A life coach is not a counsellor, therapist, psychiatrist or health care provider although usually they may have studied psychology, counselling or similar related subjects. At some part of your life, you start to blame yourself for many number of reasons or any circumstances and people. Sometimes, you tend to allow people to influence you. But now working with these professional coaches will allow you to take full responsibility and help you move forward in your life. It will help free you from past and caught up resentments, bitterness and disappointments.

Moreover, it will help you learn how to create a life you desire and see positive and actual outcomes. Also, you may develop appreciation for life and people around you. The positive energy in your new life may also influence other people and how you relate to them. This will lift the quality of your life and the sense of responsibility in you.