Do Not Let The History Repeat Itself

When you forget the past, there is a high chance that the history will get repeated. But, the sad thing about this is, the people will never know this is history repeating itself, since they do not know the past. One of the important reasons that we are losing our history is losing our language. Language was first created to share your thoughts and opinions about something to other human being. Language is a mystery in itself because using language as a medium all our communications is done. If not for language, you will not be able to communicate your abstract thoughts and feelings to another person. Imagine what will you do if you can’t tell your lover that you love them? What will you do if you can’t appreciate someone important in your life? Sounds scary right?

Language – a mutation

Don’t worry, language will not disappear overnight but it will gradually change like a biological mutation or a gene variation in population. It will change gradually that no one will notice it but suddenly when you get see a stone cutting in temple or read a Shakespeare’s original novel book; you will realize how much it had been changed. There will be some words you would have never known or heard of.

Survival of a language

There are languages like Hebrew, Lithuanian, Basque, Sanskrit, etc., which are no longer in regular use but is still alive because ancient writings are in this form. There are some languages like Mandarin, Tamil, Farsi, etc., which are still in use because some of the natives are steadfast in holding on to their language. There are some minute changes in these languages as years pasted but they are not vast variations. When you travel to northern part of China it is totally advised to have a good mandarin translator because the natives cannot comprehend other languages and are so different from the people in China. Sadly, most of the new generation people think forgetting mother tongue is a fashion. English is a universal language but your mother tongue is your uniqueness and your identity.

Why is language important?

When you do not know your native language, you will not be able to understand the preserves or any history your ancestors have left for you. Other way to eradicate a language in a country is the minority speaking and major speaking languages. For example, travelling to Paris, it will be nearly impossible to find someone talking Russian or Tamil. Therefore when a person from some other country migrates to that place, they tend to forget their language.

Think it is time to get our history books and open our brains to the events around the world

Our history is our guide to life. When we have language barriers, it will be hard to understand what happened in the past. For example, when a French kid is taught history of a country in some other language, it won’t be effective since the kid could not comprehend the actual concept. A good example of how forgetting history is bad is Hitler. Hitler was a good man, funny, witty, intelligent and brave, but his intentions for a particular race made him a dictator! He also almost eradicated the race from the face of earth. It can be argued that he was mentally unstable or psychologically affected. But, according to psychologists, there is not an actual measure to indicate whether you are sane or insane. Now, Donald Trump is running for president post in America! He had bashed Muslims and wanted to throw them out of country. If people vote for Donald Trump, it clearly shows we forgot our history. It is obvious to see the similarities between the two of them.