How Road Safety Audits Are Held?


Those who are road safety auditors need to evaluate danger levels in public roads, especially at the cross sections. Intersections and roads need to be audited by the road safety auditors, especially in areas where roads are being built. The findings of the audit reports submitted by the auditors are considered carefully by the road construction companies as well as civic authorities.

How an auditor works?

Just like driving lessons in Randwick are important for those who are learning to drive, road safety auditing needs to be done when roads are being developed. Guidelines are set by particular government bodies and agencies send across auditors to oversee the way the roads are built and whether safety norms and codes are being followed. There are steps defined by the highway administrations which need to be followed when a road safety audit is being conducted.

The audit process

When a road or an intersection is identified as an area that needs to be audited, usually the concerned government body gets in touch with an independent public agency that conducts road safety audits. There are auditing teams that are assigned these projects. The project scope and audit steps are defined before the audit takes place. Auditors need to visit the concerned areas and note their findings. As per this information, an audit report is drawn up based on guidelines issued. This is similar to driving tests that need to be taken after driving lessons.

Activities involved

For road safety audit, the auditor needs to survey the area carefully. Usually intersections are looked at and accident possibilities are identified. Factors that could lead to injuries of pedestrians or crashes between vehicles need to be studied. The perspective of different people on the road as well as vehicles of different kinds needs to be considered. The safety of all need to be considered before the audit findings is filed. Often locals in the area are interviewed. Citizens who are native to the areas or use the roads frequently are questioned and their suggestions and experiences are noted

Report of findings

The data that is gathered in the audit are now summarized in the form of a formal report. The roads or intersections are mentioned and analyzed based on different factors. A formal report is submitted by the auditors on the hazards they find in the area as well as the benefits that the roads provide. As per the report findings with the public or civic authorities can take steps to eliminate or reduce the chances of hazards occurring. This is done by setting up safety signs or warnings as well as traffic signals. In this way the road safety auditions come of use when a road or intersection is being set up for public usage for smooth and safe flow of different kinds of traffic.